Berlengas, Peniche


Berlengas, Peniche

Only approachable by boat, The Berlengas Archipelago its constituted by three diferent islands: Berlenga Grande, Estelas and Farilhões.

This is, no doubt about it, the best place if your looking for nature in its pure state.

To certificate its natural virtue, the all archipelago was classified by UNESCO in 2011 and is now member of the World Network of Biosphere Reserve.

But there is more about certificates, as Instituto de Conservação da Natureza e Florestas (ICNF) have also classified Berlengas as Natural Reserve.

At Berlengas you can find a huge and precious variety of animal and vegetal species combined with unique scenarios where both nature and heritage make a perfect landscape.

Berlenga Grande is the only island of the archipelago that you can visit!

You can simple go for a walk through the nature on specific pathways or go to beach and enjoy the sun.

But if you are a heritage lover, Berlengas has some surprises for you such as the Berlengas Lighthouse and the historically relevant São João Baptista Fort, third part of Peniche military defensive system and used during Portuguese Restoration War (1640-1656) against Spanish naval attacks.

At São João Baptista Fort you can also spend the night, although you need to book firts with –  Associação Amigos da Berlenga in Peniche, before taking the boat to Berlengas.

If you like camping you will find a special location for that purpose and you can also take a boat trip to the local caverns and experience some unique places and scenarios..

Since 2015 there is also a Visitor Centre which aim was to offer a diferent wellcome to the island, with better infrastructure conditions and more informations about the island and what possible to do there.

Visit, Berlengas, Peniche, It certainly will by a hell of a journey!

Berlengas, Peniche

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