São João Baptista Fort, Peniche


São João Baptista Fort, Peniche

São João Baptista Fort, also known as Berlengas Fortress, is an ancient military defensive infra-structure. King D. João IV ordered the construction (1640-1656) in the seventeenth century, during Portuguese Restoration War (1640-1668) when Portugal was trying to secure its independence after sixty years of Spanish domination.

Built in Berlenga Grande, the main island of Berlengas Archipelago, São João Baptista Fort worked as a complement of Peniche military defensive system formed by two other similar facilities, Praia da Consolação Fort in Atouguia da Baleia and Peniche Fort.

The aim of this defensive system was to protect Peniche and Portugal from naval attacks.

Later, on the nineteenth century, São João Batista Fort played an import role during Portuguese Civil War (Liberal Wars) (1828-1834), when it was under absolutist domain and before being conquered by the Liberals (Queen  D.Maria II party) as well as the fortress in Peniche.

After Portuguese Civil War, São João Batista Fort lost is military facility use.

Together with both other forts, São João Batista Fort is classified as Nacional Monument since 1938, having suffered some conservation works and later was adapted to touristic hostel.

The fort is one of the most iconic heritage sightseeing’s at Berlengas, not only because of the building itself but because its location and because the amazing scenario it creates.

Visit the island and sleep…

But São João Batista Fort virtues don’t end here as it is also one of three ways for you to sleep at Berlengas, having 20 rooms although they are really modest … it’s not an hotel, not even an hostel, but you can sleep the if you want.

If you want to spend a night at São João Batista Fort you should contact Associação Amigos da Berlenga to book it or just to ask for more information.

If you came to Berlengas, be sure to take a tour to São João Batista Fort.

Visit Peniche with us!

São João Baptista Fort, Peniche main island

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