São José Church, Peniche

Itinerary of the Religious Heritage of Peniche Municipality

São José Church, Peniche

São José Church, Peniche is just another good example of the local religious architecture heritage you can visit.

The actual version of this church is from the eighteenth century and it’s believed that its first version was from the fifteenth century, being for that a huge testimony from a period when Atouguia da Baleia was the county capital and the most important village in the zone.

With great importance in  the past the church  has a set of artistic highlights, mainly on the inside.

On the outside what stands out is having just one tower, once you get inside your attention will focus on the wood altarpiece and on the sculptures representing Saint José, Saint Francisco de Assis and Saint Bárbara

Because of its antiquity and importance, São José Church belongs to Itinerary of the Religious Heritage of Peniche Municipality, among other religious treasures.

Since 2012, after some works the Centro Interpretativo da Atouguia da Baleia (Interpretation Centre about Atouguia da Baleia) has new facilities.

This recent project’s goal is to study, to know and to promote the historical heritage and legacy of Atouguia da Baleia, being essential for de local identity and inheritance.

The creation of Centro Interpretativo da Atouguia da Baleia also gave a new usage to the church which was already showing signs of ruin and deterioration.

More to visit at Atouguia…

At Centro Interpretativo da Atouguia da Baleia its also included “Touril”, a set of stone on the ground with holes on it and that were part of an ancient field to promote bullfight activities on the eighteenth century, transforming that area into a bullfight ring.

The São José Church is a place of indispensable visit such as local other heritage pearls like the ruins of the Castle, the Cruzeiro, the Praia da Consolação Fortthe Pillory or all the other churches, highlighting the São Leonardo Church as the most valuable of them all.

São José Church, Peniche

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